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   Ongoing Service
One Time Bulk Shredding

Shred Monster will place secure locking containers in your office at no cost to you. You are billed when the containers are serviced. We will work with your staff to determine the number of bins you need and the frequency of pick up. Service can be scheduled as frequently as once a week or stretched out to once a quarter. This service is ideal for businesses of all sizes. We are capable of handling the needs of small offices with only a few employees or large organizations with hundreds of employees. Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable our service is. In fact, by outsourcing your shredding you are taking steps towards building an economically and ecologically sustainable company. This is because Shred Monster saves your company time and money while at the same time increasing ecological sustainability by recycling all shredded materials. 

Many organizations utilize Shred Monster on a periodic basis to destroy large quantities of documents that have become obsolete. We will come to your office or storage unit and destroy your old files right there on site. Our trucks are equipped with high powered shredders capable of shredding up to 5,000 lbs an hour. We also offer an offsite option for customers who prefer it. We can clean out your storage unit and have you back at your office in no time. Our trained staff will take all the work out of your shred, just show us what you want destroyed and we'll take care of the rest.

All materials destroyed by Shred Monster are processed at our local facility for recycling. The shred remains are baled and eventually processed into toilet tissue or ceiling tile. On average we save over 1,000 trees per month with our recycling program. 

Customers are provided with a certificate of destruction after each job. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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